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Wendy Voon knitwearは、ニットデザイナーのWendy Voonによって2005年に設立されたニットウェアブランドです。ウェンディの哲学やデザインに対するアプローチを反映したニットウェアは、たびたび「彫刻的」「建築的」と表現されます。

洗練された美しさは予期せぬところから生まれる — アシメントリーでモダンなデザインなど、女性らしいラインが特徴の彼女のニットウェアは、画一的なパターンではない一方で、トレンドに左右されないライフスタイルウェアとして飽きのこないデザインです。

ウェンディはマレーシアで生まれ、6歳の時に家族でメルボルン、オーストラリアに移住。その後大企業でキャリアを築いた後、幼少の頃より親しんで来た編み物、デザインの道を追求すべく大学へ戻り、2005年にWendy Voon knitwearを設立しました。


Wendy Voon is the owner and designer of WENDY VOON, a Melbourne-based, Australian contemporary knitwear label, established in 2005.
‘Sculptural’ and ‘architectural’ are two terms that have been used to describe her designs; reflecting Wendy’s design philosophy and sensibility.

The label reflects Wendy’s belief in timeless, elegant and thoughtful design that transcends seasonal trends.Beauty can be found in unexpected details, whilst line and form are employed to interest the eye and flatter the body. Careful research and sampling ensure that colour, form and texture are happily balanced. Wendy Voon knitwear combines contemporary design with elegant forms, sensuous textures and the finest yarns. Each piece is soft, luxurious and highly wearable.

Wendy was born in Malaysia and migrated to Australia with her family when she was six. After building her career in a big corporate environment, Wendy returned to university to pursue her passion for knitting and design.

All Wendy Voon Knits garments are made in Melbourne from natural yarns – merino wool, silk, linen and cotton – sourced mainly from Italy. Pieces are made in small production runs, with more complex styles made to order. The developmental process for each design includes testing by Wendy herself, who wears and plays with how a garment drapes on the body. This results in versatile designs that can often be worn in different ways by customers, who are encouraged to be playful and interact with the garments.

There is no right or wrong way for garments to be worn!